Nearly There!

4 07 2014

Lots of news! I’m pleased to say we now have a proper wiring loom in the Miglia, and what a fantastic job it is too by Miglia racer Gordon Pocock of GP Systems.
Having seen the build pictures of Gordon’s own car I have from time to time asked him a few questions and he’s always been really helpful, so when it came to sorting out the wiring he was an obvious choice. Gordon agreed to take my job on so I trailered the car to his base in a leafy village just outside of Chipping Norton.

10257129_631747943579854_3738701669615858464_o 1898919_638920132862635_6473088916766767811_o
He was in the middle of a big project creating a full electrical system/loom for a Mexican GT car, and it suited him to carry out work on my car in between waiting for parts.
Initially it was planned to add to the existing loom (which was for a conventional coil/distributor) to make the MBE ECU/coil pack/crank sensor etc work, but as always it is never that simple so we ended up having about 75% of the entire loom replaced and updated. But what a fantastic job Gordon has done. Gordon is an F1 engineer by trade having worked for a host of top teams including Bennetton, Williams and Renault. This shows in his work with stunning attention to detail. Every wire has race spec wrap with all the connections crimped properly. Another advantage is that being a Miglia racer of many years he knows what is the best design – little things like making quick release connections for the headlight wires so you can quickly remove the front end in the paddock at meetings.

10293836_634943813260267_2428811678045571368_o 10283980_638920052862643_9170859905013159424_o

One thing I was short of was a transponder. For the uninitiated as I understand it a transponder uses GPS to send signals to race organisers so they can work out your lap times / speeds etc. It helps the organisers a great deal as they no longer have to employ a raft of helpers with stopwatches, and when I last raced in 2002 they provided you with a transponder free of charge. In a genius move sometime between then and now they have managed to pass the cost of the transponders (£350 new!) on to the drivers. As you can imagine I had the hump about having to buy one so I was over the moon when my old mate from Mini7 days Rob Talbot said he had one spare that I could use. Cheers Rob! Problem being that when I went to see him we ended up chatting about the old days and hes now planning a race return of his own so he might need it back…

We have a few more partners on board for the project. Firstly my old work colleague Jim Darling has donated some hard cash which went a long way to paying for the new wiring loom. We will be putting Jim’s 3DM IT Consultancy and 3Darlings Media stickers on the car.
I’m looking forward to Jim coming along to the races with us as he’s a fantastic character. As well as being pretty handy with a camera he is also pretty good on the spanners which will come in useful!

Secondly we have Rob-Co Tooling. Rob-Co is run by my old friend Granville Cottle who I used to race Autograss Minis with in the Junior class in the mid 80’s, along with his partner Carla. They have been very busy attending shows all over the country selling new hand tooling for car, bike and boat restoration. Granville will be providing us with a custom ‘mini-friendly’ set of tools which will be essential for all the track-side maintenance. Welcome on board! Please check out Rob-Co-Tooling on Facebook.


And also we got a small cash injection from a family member, but I’m not allowed to say who as he hasn’t told his wife ha-ha!

We have also taken a visit to Endaf at Owens Fabrication for a full geometry setup but that needs a whole blog to itself so I’ll keep you in suspenders until next time 🙂




One response

4 07 2014
Jim Darling

More than welcome mate. Just need an appearance date and I’ll fill your face with a lens and post race cider.

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