Progress at Last

27 11 2013

Just looked at the last blog and have realised how much has happened since, mainly that I finally managed to get the car painted!

Yes, after selling some bits and bobs on ebay and finding some change down the back of the sofa I had enough to take it up to Simon ‘Roary’ Blore at Roar Motorsport (07956 260271) near Redditch who gave it another coat of Vauxhall ‘Star silver’, which it was already painted in. I wanted to keep it the same colour, as firstly the inside is already that colour and isnt being touched, and also I think silver is a great base colour for the graphics i have planned. It’s also the colourI’ve traditionally painted the majority of my racers over the years so I guess i must quite like it. There was a time when quite a few of the other Miglias were silver but now there are only 1 or 2, but the graphics added do make them much more distiguishable. I think mine will look like nothing else on the grid if my plans come off…

Picture29 711   Picture29 710

Back home fresh from painting at Roar Motorsport – now we can crack on with the build

Roary turned it around in 2 weeks as planned and  once I got it home I couldn’t wait to get stuck in and start bolting it together. Unfortunately I’d promised Clare that I would get the kitchen finished first… Cue a couple of weeks of very late nights of being a plumber, carpenter, electrician, painter and decorator. I don’t think I’ve ever finished a room so quick.

Picture30 334

Somehow managed to lift this lump in by myself. Still got it…

The last few weeks have moved pretty quick. I have got the engine in, and started the long, but enjoyable process of getting all the associated parts to fit. This always involves a lot of making brackets, grinding, fettling, relocating etc.

On advice from one of my friendly online Miglia experts Mark Chandler I decided to run standard uprated engine mounts as apparently the solid ones have a tendency to shake everything to bits. I’ve even heard stories of Stack gauges being shaken to death, and I really can’t afford for that to happen, so the solid mounts are left on the shelf for now.  I fitted my Owens Fabrications  rose jointed stabiliser bars, but had forgotten that the cylinder block had been tapped to 3/8 UNF which means i had to drill and tap the bar for a bigger rose joint than the 5/16 UNF it came with.  The bottom 2 stabilisers needed me to strengthen the standard brackets elongated holes by welding some thick mini exhaust manifold washers either side to make them nice and solid. I also used some misalignment spacers on the rose joints to make sure they had enough movement.

Picture30 336

And she’s in.

Last night’s job was to rehouse the brake and clutch reservoirs from under the wing so as to make room for the oil catch tank. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Unfortunately the braided hoses had been threaded through under the bulkhead, and then extra bracing bars added making it impossible to remove them. After a lot of swearing I managed to fit everything in position with the hoses in the same place.

Next job is fitting radiator and all the plumbing.

And… we have some exciting news just round the corner so stay tuned 🙂



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