Slow Progress…

22 04 2013

It seems that just recently there has been little progress on the Miglia. It’s been a period of accumulating parts – all of which I’ll photograph for the next blog. Instead my time has been taken up doing an engine rebuild on my old all steel 1120cc class4 Autograss Mini for it’s new owner Andy Packer. It’s been together for 2 seasons so was well due a freshen up! It would also give us chance to change a few things to make it a little quicker…

On stripping it down no real nasties were found.   It certainly needed a rebuild but it had been built correctly in the first place so no real surpises. The bores were fine, just needed a little attention with the glaze buster. Similarly the mains and big ends just needed a polish at LCP Race Engines in Cheltenham. I also used LCP’s parts cleaner to get everything fully clean before reassembly.  Amazingly there was next to no wear in the valves and guides so all it required was a good clean up and a light lapping. A quick check on the vacuum gauge showed a perfect seal on all 8 valves. The head was also given a very light skim.

Picture13 163

One of the mods for 2013 was to use a dry deck kit to improve circulation at the no4 cylinder end. A ‘flat’ needed to be machined on the side of the head, as well as a hole to which an alloy flange was bolted. One of the block core plugs was removed and another flange bolted on there too. A ‘U’ shaped silicone hose connects the two. This is always a worthwhile mod to improve cooling by minimising cavitation as that side of an a series engine is notorious for running hotter.


As for the transmission we transferred all the gears from the remote style casing into a rod change gearbox. This was because the bodyshell was being changed to a full spaceframe, and the plan was to run the gear linkage inside the cab. Of course the new casing had to be machined for the larger Limited Slip Differential which always takes a lot of time and effort.


Many hours later the engine was ready for collection. It just needs to be fitted and dynoed. There is sooo much more that I could detail on this engine but we have to keep a few secrets. The big gain this year should be mainly in the amount of weight saved in the bodyshell, but the engine has also improved so hopefully that looks promising for a decent season. All the opposition will have made improvements too though…


Now it’s time to finish the Miglia engine…




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