Blast from the past

29 10 2012

As with all race car builds I have a shopping list of parts needed. Strangely these days it gets bigger as even though I’ve been crossing things off when I buy them, I keep on thinking of more stuff I need…

One of the items on the list were wet tyres. I saw some Dunlop Miglia wets on ebay for a bargain buy-it-now so snapped them up. The seller was Bob Humphreys, a very nice chap who has been at the Miglia game for quite a few years now and has an ex-Ian Curley car. Funnily enough I saw him racing at Brands earlier in the year and there’s even a picture further down this blog of his crew hard at work changing a wheel bearing. As he’s not far from me I decided to go and pick the tyres up, and as always he had a few other items I needed… Bob also suggested that his mate Richard Wager was moving house and had quite a few bits he was willing to sell rather than move them to his new gaff, so a while later we all met at Richards house in Surrey, me with my ever present dog-eared shopping list…

I’d watched Richard for years in Miglias and he is top-drawer. He was able to cut it in the glory days against messrs Sollis, Curley, Baldwin etc. Probably the best driver never to win the championship. And what a nice bloke too! He is now racing in a classic saloon car championship along with his son Martin, still in a mini which looked like a Miglia but with 12″ wheels and 1380cc rather than the 10″ and 1293cc migs have to use. We spent ages rummaging around his various barns/garages and eventually I had a 45 Weber carburettor, inlet manifold, Curley ram air system and a complete Maniflow Miglia twin exhaust system. As well as this I had purchased 5 MB split rims for me and 5 for my mate Craig Evans’ Hillclimber so the car was quite full on the way back to Bristol!


One of the other main bits of progress is that the new bigger fuel tank has finally been fitted. It’s a Summit Racing fuel cell which needed new rubber seals – available from Rally Design, but the main problem was that it has a ‘sump’ which required a hole cutting in the carbon fibre boot floor and a tray fitting. I then fabricated some mild steel straps, fitted the pump and regulator, cut the fuel pipes to size and connected it all up.


Both Rupert and Bob were kind enough to let me have some old Miglia slicks, so I’ve been able to scrabble a set onto my 10×7″ MB wheels which should be good enough to set up suspension and do a shakedown test once the car is finished. I have some new Force Racing wheels to put brand new rubber on for the first race, or maybe beforehand if I can test properly and scrub them in. I’ve put my wet tyres on to some 10×6″ Revolution wheels which I’ve been steadily accumulating over the last year or so. I’d rather have MB’s for my wets too but it’s an area where I’m going to have to save money at least for the time being.


One of the next jobs is paint. The current colour is silver. Do I keep it the same or go for something new?? Also I’m itching to strip down the engine and check it over. And then save up for dampers…




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