At a crossroads…

29 05 2012

Since the start of this build I’ve always had it in the back of my mind that I wanted to construct the car in such a way that I could easily convert it to a Mini Miglia, as firstly I’ve always fancied racing in Migs myself, and secondly if and when I came to sell it it would be easier to move on.

After the recent trips to Gurston Down Hillclimb and Castle Combe to see the Miglias race it became quite clear that I have more appetite for racing a Miglia than a Hillclimb car, and coupled with the fact I have to add all sorts of extra bits of bodywork to comply with the MSA Hillclimb rules, I’ve decided that a change of direction is going to take place. The car is now going to be built to Mini Miglia rules.

To be quite honest since I made the decision its been quite a relief. It was starting to feel like the whole build was a compromise as the car was originally built as a Miglia/Se7en, and I was having to chop and change bits that were already fine as they were to fit MSA rules. Now I can finish it with no compromise.

Theoretically, as well as competing in Miglias there is no reason why I couldn’t still do the odd Hillclimb event with a Miglia but I expect I would be moved up to the Sports Libre class. I can live with that.

For me personally the time is right to have a pop at circuit racing again. I raced Mini7 from 97-2001 but was always hampered by budget problems and having built my own car I struggled to get a decent set up. Back then I was stubbornly trying to do everything myself, but nowadays I know my limits and will be asking for help in a few areas such as suspension setup. I can do pretty much anything on the car myself but it makes sense to get an expert to set the ride height, shocks, camber, castor, corner weights etc rather than me spend all season working it out for myself…

Without a doubt Mini Miglia is by far the most prestigious Mini race series in the world. Some fantastic drivers have passed through the series over the years and the trip to Combe proved that it’s still in rude health. The calendar looks much better than in years gone by with the double header format meaning much less travelling costs. That said circuit racing is never cheap and there are plenty of hidden costs involved before you even turn a wheel. I notice now you have to buy in car cameras and transponders so that is different from when i raced se7ens last. I’m sure i’ll be detailing/moaning about these costs as the next few months unfold…

Check out the website to see what its all about…




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