Das Boot

22 03 2012

The rear subframe/boot area is one of those aspects of race car builds that you tend to think is going to be quite straightforward, but so far it has given me the most grief…

In Hillclimbs and Sprints you are allowed to remove the rear subframe and replace it with a coilover / trailing arm setup, but my goal has always been to build a car that could be changed to Mini Miglia spec if need be, so I’ve opted to keep the subframe. What I will lose in weight will be gained in a superior setup, and one that I understand quite well from my Mini Se7en days..

Original boot floor has been removed for fitment of carbon fibre floor

I had bought a used KAD anti-roll bar some time back, but when the time came to install it, I found that it was for the coilover style setup. All was not lost however, as I was able to make some slight adjustments to the shape (without heating it up as that alters the molecular structure and therefore its stiffness) so it fitted. I had to cut and weld some brackets for the mounting clamps, as well as making some rose jointed tie bars and some sleeved bolts for attaching them to the trailing arms.

KAD Anti Roll Bar before ‘tweaking’…

There is one particular MSA rule that I think is a bit daft. It’s a bit hard to explain but basically you are not allowed to lighten the bodyshell between wheel centres when viewed from the side. My car was previously a Mini se7en / Miglia and had been lightened quite extensively. In the boot I had to fabricate a new ‘half’ boot floor and fit it under the carbon fibre replacement. Similarly at the front I am having to put ‘half wings’ under the composite front wings. Apparently this has been the rule for many years so I’m in the same boat as everyone else.

After a fresh coat of paint the carbon fibre floor was refitted and the petrol tank fitted. Ideally I wanted a 5 gallon Miglia style tank, but I found a foam filled 2 gallon alloy tank at the autojumble at RaceRetro for a bargain £25. A bit of Autosol and elbow grease got it looking like new.  I rubber mounted the Facet pump to the rear bulkhead and made up new braided fuel pipes with Aeroquip fittings and routed them to their destinations.  The existing wiring loom was tidily rerouted to the brake lights and petrol pump. Finally I fitted the pins for the ‘smoothie’ composite boot lid.

Fresh coat of paint, anti roll bar and rose jointed link bars, carbon fibre floor, alloy fuel tank, pump and fuel lines all fitted




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5 04 2012

Looking good

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