The Rebuild Starts

16 03 2012

With the car stripped down as far as it needed to be I could begin the rebuild. As the rear subframe was in perfect condition and only needed a spanner check and clean, It made sense to concentrate on the front subframe to get the car rolling.

I took the frame out and stripped it down and steam cleaned it. I had some pictures of the original trick subframe that was fitted so set about making the gussets from steel plate. Once cut I welded them in and then cut a load of circular holes in non structural areas to get a bit of lightness back in. Then I seam welded it and gave it a good coat of gloss black to match the rear frame.

I had been in touch with Robert Pavey and bought the HiLo’s and rose jointed bottom arms and tie rods that were originally on the car, so they were all painted up and fitted.

The solid mounts came with the car so were reused and the subframe was bolted to the bodyshell. The black goes well with the silver colour of the bodyshell which I intend to keep. After weeks of waiting I finally got delivery of my alloy brake calipers, and also my Protech shockers had arrived so now the car was able to roll again.

I made my own rose jointed support rods to support the front of the subframe to the bulkhead which finished the front end off nicely.

Around the same time I’d taken delivery of my 3 piece split rims from Force Racing. These really are a piece of art and I can’t recommend Force Racing’s workmanship enough – they are stunning!

The Force wheels are going to be for my Hoosier slicks for dry running and fit a treat, but I’d bought some Mamba alloys for my wet tyres after consulting the makers of the alloy calipers to make sure they wouldn’t foul, and being told there would be no problem. However I was mighty pi$$ed off to find they do foul so I’m having to use some old Revolutions just to move the car around the workshop at the moment.




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