16 03 2012

With the new car back home I could set about stripping it down and assessing what needed doing. To be honest, although the car was a bit rough around the edges I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the workmanship throughout. It was obvious it had been built and maintained by a professional operation. However it had been involved in a hard season and then stored in a lockup for a couple of years so was in need of plenty of love. There were mini7esque love-scuffs on the side sills, doors, A panels and rear end but nothing a bit of metalwork and filler couldn’t sort out. The rear subframe was still in and was a pretty trick bit of kit having been lightened, gusseted and powder coated in high gloss. It still had it’s HiLo’s in, camber adjustment and solid mounts. Unfortunately the front subframe had been robbed, but at least replaced by a standard one so I had a basis to fabricate one that would do justice to the classy rear one. A new fibreglass front end with detatchable bonnet was included, and all but the front calipers were there as far as the braking system went. That included 2 brake bias valves, race master cylinders, braided hoses all round and lightweight alloy rear drums. The handbrake had been professionally fabricated as had the pedal box. The main missing parts were front HiLos, bottom arms and tie rods, calipers, fuel tank and anti roll bar. All the switches were there but no gauges.

All in all it was as expected and what was there was useable with a bit of spit and polish…




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