Making it happen

16 03 2012

Now my mind was made up the first thing to do was to sell the grasser – only it never quite works out like that does it…?

I’d seen a car for sale on the Mini7 website quite a while beforehand, and a quick scan showed that it was still there. I thought I’d fire an email off to it’s owner Robert Pavey to test the water. The car was an ex Kelly Rogers/Graeme Davis Mini that had been both a Miglia and a Se7en. Robert had bought it from Graeme but for whatever reason had then bought a complete ready to race car and had been using that, and now he had a rolling shell surplus to requirements. I’d raced in Mini7 between 1997 and 2002 so knew the car and understood how good it was. Graeme had had it maintained by Rightline Motorsport so this was no ‘homebuilt special’. Unfortunately quite a lot of the parts had been robbed off the car, but at least that gave me scope for negotiations over price. After a week of email tennis Rob and I agreed on a price and I found myself on the way to Maidstone to pick it up.

Rob had sent me pictures but when he opened the lockup door it became apparent how much work was required. It certainly had all the correct parts like welded in cage, wrap around seat, braided hoses, aircraft spec wiring loom etc, but it was also looking a bit sad and neglected. But I’m blessed with good vision and could see that it was a perfect baseline for a decent Hillclimb/Sprint Mini. Money changed hands and I was on my way back to sunny Bristol, a little worried what the missus was going to say about the new edition in the garage…

What the new car looked like in Mini Se7en trim with Graeme Davis

The ‘new’ Mini as it was when purchased…

As for the grasser I’d put the word out on Facebook and stuck it on ebay and had quite a lot of interest, but it was my old friend Andrew Packer who surprised us all by turning up with the readies and took her away. Andrew only lives about a mile from me so I can still be involved with the car, and he’s even offered me a drive in it at some point!




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