Time for a change…

19 04 2011

After 3 years of sporadic racing in my Class 4 Autogass Mini it was time for a change. Grassing is always fun, but the sport has now become quite expensive for various reasons, and when I did the sums it appeared I could probably do something different for the same sort of outlay. My grasser was pretty competitive and could give any car in it’s class a run for it’s money, but to really challenge for national honours it needed to be converted to a lightweight full spaceframe, and that was going to be around 4k. Also these days I don’t have the same amount of time on my hands to maintain the car, and with grassing its at least 50% sorting out bodywork scrapes and cleaning mud off of it – I wanted a car that I could concentrate my time on the more technical side of things, the seeds were sown…

My Class4 Autograss Mini 1128cc full race all steel

My old mate Craig Evans had recently started doing Hillclimbs and Sprints in a Mini and I’d gone along to help a couple of times. I immediately noticed how everyone seemed so nice and helpful which was a bit of a surprise as there is the myth out there that all RAC motorsport is a bit unfriendly. Craig’s first event was at Castle Combe and he was using his old 998 Autograss engine which meant he was at a disadvantage straight away due to the class limit being 1400! Nonetheless Craig’s times were improving with each run and by the end of the day he was within a second or two of the regulars. And as an added bonus the car was loaded up with no panel damage and no mud either! Craig has always been quick and as soon as he gets his hands on a 1380 engine he will be up top I have no doubt.  I started thinking I wouldn’t mind having a pop at this…

Craig Evans’ Hillclimb/Sprint Mini 998cc full race

Another event helping Craig, this time a Hillclimb at Wiscombe went equally well and I drove home with my mind made up that I was going to sell the grasser and set about building a hillclimb/sprint Mini.






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